Repair service

Better to repair than throw away

Long-term durability is extremely important for our products, because we want you to enjoy your favourite pieces for as long as possible. By extending the life cycle of your Deuter product, we also contribute to conserving resources. Because repairing is better than throwing away. This has been a tradition at Deuter: our qualified specialists have been carrying out repairs on-site at Deuter for 120 years.

You and your "Deuter" - you have a common story.

That's why we try to repair your favorite piece! 

Your backpack, which has been a faithful companion for years and has experienced many adventures, is not easy to replace? Your sleeping bag has warmed you up for many nights and should continue to protect you from the cold? And you still want to rely on your accessories, even after many years together? So: Just send us your favorite piece and we will repair it as fast as we can!

At Deuter, quality and sustainability are our top priorities.

For us, responsibility goes beyond the sale of our products, because we want to be a lifelong companion for people. That is why we make a promise for our products: We offer a life-long repair service for our products - your favorite pieces. With this we also protect the environment, because repairing is better than throwing away!

Warranty and guarantee, that's what it's all about

As the manufacturer, we provide a two-year warranty from the date of purchase for every Deuter product, in addition to the statutory warranty claims to the specialist dealer. The warranty can be claimed in all countries in which a Deuter product has been sold by us as authorized dealer. Within this two-year warranty period, we will eliminate all defects caused by material or manufacturing faults by repairing or replacing the product free of charge. Excluded from the warranty are damages due to improper use, personal fault, normal wear and tear as well as defects that only insignificantly affect the value or the usability of the product. The warranty is void in the event of interventions by service providers not authorized by us and the use of third-party spare parts (not original Deuter).

Procedure in case of repair

What do I have to do to send in my Deuter product for repair?

Please contact our customer service via the contact form "Repair or Complaint". Please do not forget to include your customer number and the order number. For an optimal communication you can also give us your phone number. We will do our best to process your request quickly!


To the contact form
  • Clean your product:  For hygienic reasons and out of consideration for our employees, your Deuter product must be completely emptied and cleaned before being taken to the Deuter dealer. Only in this way can we carry out repairs and guarantee a short processing time. Please note our care instructions.
  • Add the proof of purchase, if you still have it: With the help of your proof of purchase from an authorized Deuter dealer, we can check whether your product is covered by the free warranty (2 years from date of purchase).
  • Mark the defect clearly visible: Defective areas must be explained in detail in a letter or marked clearly visible, as it is not always possible for us to detect a defect. Your dealer can also help you with this.
  • Bring your product to the dealer: Your dealer will send your product to Deuter. He will also be able to inform you about any costs that may arise. Unfortunately, we cannot make remote diagnoses and can only make detailed statements about costs and repair possibilities once we have received the item for inspection. We do our best to repair defects, regardless of the age of the product.
  • Wait for a cost estimate: As soon as we receive your product, we will check the defect. We will let you know through your dealer if we can repair your product and what costs might be incurred. Only after your approval we will process the defect.
  • Repair will be carried out: We repair your Deuter product. Within the first two years the repair or exchange is of course free of charge if a justified warranty case exists. Otherwise, or after the voluntary warranty expires, we will carry out the repair for a small fee. As soon as we receive your item, the processing time is usually ten working days.
  • Pick up your product at your dealer: We send your repaired item back to the dealer. He will inform you as soon as you can pick up your Deuter product.

Please contact your authorized Deuter online dealer directly. As with a stationary dealer, the dealer must then send the complaint to Deuter.

Our seamstress Özlem and Eugen do their best to repair your favorite piece. If your product is no longer repairable, the processing effort alone may result in costs for the retailer (processing fees and postage). We ask for your understanding. However, the retailer can help you to assess in advance whether your product is still repairable.

No, but we promise you a repair.