Care tips for your streamer

How to clean the drinking system correctly

Cleaning your water bag and the entire drinking system is an essential part of maintaining your outdoor equipment. How do you best clean your water bag? We have a simple guide for you here!

  1. Open Streamer
  2. Remove tube from the water bag
  3. Remove bite valve from the mouthpiece
  4. Rotate valve to the central mark (quarter rotation), remove and disassemble (do not remove the 90° angle piece from the tube)
  5. Clean everything with water and washing-up liquid
  6. Never use boiling water
  7. Rinse thoroughly with clear water
  8. The tube can be optimally cleaned with the Streamer tube brush.
  9. To dry, place some kitchen towels into the water bag and hang upside down.
  10. Assemble only once everything is completely dry.

Protect the filled Streamer from direct sunlight. Clean carefully after each use of soft drinks. Denture cleansers can be used in the event of heavy contamination. If necessary, put the empty drinking system into the freezer. Thaw after freezing and clean as described. This is a simple and safe way to kill any bacteria that get into the system.

Storage: once cleaned, store the open Streamer in a clean, dry place.

Here is a small selection of our drinking systems:
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