Cleaning your backpack

Longer durability with the right care!

Your backpack accompanies you on many hiking trips. In order for you and your backpack to share as many adventures as possible, you can extend the life span of your Deuter backpack with regular care. You’ll find some practical and simple tips below.

Can I wash my backpack in the washing machine?

“No, because abrasion affects the material (PU coating) and causes damages over time. Detergent residues often remain as well. For sensitive skin types, this can cause skin irritation, e.g. at the shoulder straps. A chemical reaction caused by sweat, detergent residues and UV radiation promotes the faster decomposition of the materials.

The best way to clean the backpack is by laying it in a bowl or bathtub, depending on its size, and washing it with pH-neutral soap or shower gel. Any dirt on the backpack can be easily removed with a brush. Salt edges on the wearing system can be rinsed off by pressing the material together multiple times by hand using soap and plenty of water. Must be stored in a dry environment!”

  1. Empty the backpack completely after each trip. Remove stains by hand with a simple soap solution and a brush.
  2. Do not put the backpack in a washing machine or dryer as this will damage the PU coating.
  3. Backpack material is not generally suitable for ironing.
  4. Keep zips free of dirt.
  5. Fasten the belts for storage purposes and keep in a dry, well ventilated area.

Does the material of a backpack need to be re-impregnated?

For the first few years, the material of the backpack remains sufficiently watertight. However, following long exposure to rain, water penetrates through the zips and seams. For mountain trekking, climbing and ski tours, watertight packsacks can be put inside the backpack to protect its contents from getting wet. The advantage: all attachment loops for carrying equipment, e.g. ice picks, skis, poles or snowshoes, are easily accessible. A rain cover is used for hiking and trekking backpacks. For older models, re-impregnation only helps over a short period of time. Impregnations (spray and bath impregnations) penetrate into the base layer and can cause skin irritation.

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